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Achieve more automation with Hikvision AI-powered solutions

As technology advances, artificial intelligence (AI) is used in increasingly disparate ways to help achieve automated security measures. It’s now also being used in business scenarios, making it possible for business owners to resolve complex issues or tedious jobs with minimal effort.

AI-powered applications, such as automated event alerts, false alarm reduction, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), and people counting, have already become popular in a variety of scenarios.

For security professionals, being able to provide innovative solutions with AI features is already becoming a vital component to make them more competitive.

To help them meet common and unique challenges, Hikvision offers a range of products and solutions with AI-powered AcuSense technology, as well as DeepinView and DeepinMind series of products that can streamline and maximize automation of security protection and business operations.

Smarter perimeter security with AcuSense technology

Conventional perimeter protection solutions provide certain detection features enabled by video content analysis, such as motion detection, line-crossing detection, and intrusion detection, however, all these easily trigger false alarms when an animal, a shadow, or other natural movements are detected. As a result, security personnel need to spend time investigating each one, potentially delaying response to a valid alarm and generally affecting efficiency.

Smarter perimeter security solutions with “effective false alarm reduction” and “quick target search” capabilities can be helpful here, which can identify and react to perimeter breaches in real time, and automate footage searches to locate true events quickly.

AcuSense technology from Hikvision meets these needs with advanced AI features that support faster, more effective responses to security incidents. With the ability to differentiate between humans and vehicles and other moving objects, AcuSense reduces costly false positives for customers. This means they can verify real security threats immediately, and benefit from automated video searches to save hours on manual video reviews.

Hikvision delivers a range of front- and back-end products with AcuSense technology, covering cameras, NVRs, and DVRs, which are also simple to install and configure. This means that security professionals can deliver the AI benefits of smarter perimeter protection for their customers quickly and easily, without additional training requirements.

Improved operational efficiency with DeepinView and DeepinMind series

With the advancement of algorithms and computing performance, AI technology has shown promising potential in creating intelligence and automation for different business processes. Besides perimeter protection, security cameras with AI features are also being used more by businesses to help improve their daily operations. This means great opportunities for security professionals to go beyond its traditional area to a wider business scope.

Hikvision offers DeepinView cameras and DeepinMind NVRs with embedded Deep Learning algorithms, such as ANPR, people counting, and queue detection, to achieve a suite of intelligent functions for businesses.

In retail, as an example, people counting provides valuable insights for shopping center operators. It provides tracking patterns in customer footfall to predict when to expect a rush of visitors, allowing them to keep crowd density under control. At the same time, queue detection can calculate how much time people are waiting in line, notifying cashiers before a customer’s patience runs out.

On the other hand, parking management can be a headache for apartment buildings, office towers, and business parks alike. Powered by Deep Learning, cameras with ANPR capture vehicle license plates, with sharp rendering of the letters and numbers to deliver clarity. When installed at parking entries and exits, these cameras trigger automated responses to open or close the gate as well as notify personnel when needed, greatly improving parking efficiency.

What’s more, parts of Hikvision’s DeepinView series cameras can now incorporate several AIpowered Deep Learning algorithms in one unit. Algorithms can be switched, essentially putting five or six unique cameras in one housing. Users can simply enable an algorithm manually for dedicated use, then later switch to another algorithm as needed.

Unified management with HikCentral Professional

In addition, Hikvision provides a unified software, HikCentral Professional, for security professionals and customers to easily manage multiple products and systems in single platform.

HikCentral Professional can flexibly unite applications, so users can build a tailored system to match their security and business needs. The unified approach not only creates greater situational awareness of a security environment, it also reduces real day-today management resources previously required by disparate systems.

Secure more with more assurance

Hikvision strives to help professionals from many walks of life stay confident and assured with future-shaping technologies, just as our advanced cameras address security challenges in protecting large sites and open areas. Apply for a smart trial today for a handson experience with Hikvision’s high-performance products! Also visit our website to learn more. Or you can explore the Hikvision digital showroom for complete product lines, core technologies, scenario-based solution packages and more.

Note: This editorial article has primarily been produced for the security trade magazine Detektor in collaboration with SecurityUser.com.

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